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Another day, another politician believing their invincible… but this time more than toothpaste? The mayor of New York City stood up to the media this week by comparing himself to Colgate.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams announced his new taxpayer-funded newsletter that would be put out by his office. The newsletter is an attempt to bypass ‘distorted’ media coverage of his administration.

The frustrated mayor talked directly to the press about how he will not put up with tabloids and critical media.

“I’m not at your mercy. If Colgate was at the mercy of the tabloids, they would go out of business. So, I am the Colgate. I can’t go out of business.”

Tony Katz doesn’t know which is worse, comparing yourself to a toothpaste or the blatant narcissism of stating he ‘can’t go out of business.’ It’s safe to say, the latter is worse.