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More classified documents have been discovered in a politician’s personal possession. This time the discovered documents are a lot closer to home, Carmel, Indiana in fact.

Former VP Mike Pence informed Congress Tuesday that he had discovered documents with classified markings from his time as vice president in his home in the Hoosier state. Pence informed the National Archives of the small number of potential classified documents found on January 18th.

Tony Katz says regardless of if Pence, or Biden and Trump, knew about the classified documents in their homes or not, something must change.

“This is the system failing us, but it’s the system designed to keep us from getting information… What’s the point of having all these people in the intelligence community, if they don’t do anything. They don’t keep us safe. They don’t keep the secrets. They don’t do anything except tell us how important they are.”

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, said Pence was very transparent in handing over the discovered documents, which “stands in stark contrast” to how the Biden administration has delt with their own document discoveries.