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The word "cold" etched into the snow of a car.

INDIANAPOLIS — Wet, heavy snow is on the menu for most of central Indiana this week.

“We have a Winter Storm Warning in effect for much of central Indiana, and it really extends for much of our region going from southwest Illinois, across central Indiana, up into northwest Ohio, much of the central portion of Indiana and the I-70/I-74 corridor” says Meteorologist Jason Puma with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.

Puma says the snow arrives in waves beginning Tuesday night and throughout the afternoon hours of Wednesday. Indianapolis, Muncie, Lafayette, Kokomo will be more impacted on Wednesday, says Puma. Five to ten inches of snow is expected with forecasters being more confident that we will see more snow, not less.

“Avoid travel, stay off the roads,” says Puma, “we would recommend people check their county advisory maps. People need to use those winter driving skills, leave room for the plows and also slow down and allow a lot of extra space for you and the vehicles around you.”

Puma says this specific kind of heavy, wet snow will be difficult to shovel, which could lead to some people having a medical emergency by straining their bodies. He recommends shoveling in short bursts with a partner and staying hydrated.