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At this point we all can see White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has no idea what she is doing. Press briefing after press briefing, she shows lack of control, confidence, and well… answers. Her latest meeting with the media was no exception.

During Thursday’s press briefing, Fox’s Peter Doocy was the first to push on “garage gate.” This is in refence to several classified documents being discovered in President Biden’s garage in Delaware. Doocy specifically pressed KJP on the misleading timeline both Biden and his staff has presented.

Doocy asks, “Someone gave the President a statement to read on Tuesday that was incomplete at best, misleading at worst.  Who?” 

KJP: “ So, I have read out the President’s statement.  I read it out yesterday and what he said.  He said that he we- — he respects — or he takes classified information and documents very seriously.  That’s what he said. He said that he did not know that the records were there.  He does not know what’s in them.  He said that.  You heard from him directly on this. And his team has been cooperating fully.  Fully….”  

After a follow-up question from Doocy, the Press Secretary was clearly ready to move on.

“You know, Peter, you’ve asked this question or your colleagues have asked this question before.”

As a failed attempt to move-on, KJP called on the next reporter who echoed Doocy’s question of who had access to Biden’s garage. Instead of simply answering the question, she scoured the room for any other question.

 “Oh, I’m sorry.  I was calling the gentleman who wanted to ask a question that was not related to this.  Go ahead.”

Anyone? Anyone else? Hello? Bueller? Bueller?

Hammer and Nigel takes this very common move as a sign to play another game of FEUD. Who do you think won, the reporters or ….