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Landscape photo of Indiana's Statehouse, with each government center on opposing sides.

STATEWIDE — Just about everyone has had their say when it comes to their agenda for the 2023 legislative session, except for Republicans.

On Thursday, Republican Todd Huston, Speaker of the Indiana House laid out the goals and ideas pushing Indiana Republicans through this legislative session.

“Obviously, our first commitment in this budget year is being fiscally responsible,” says Houston. He says Hoosiers expect and deserve a state government that takes care of their financial needs and saves for a “rainy day” in the future. Huston also says Republicans will support financially supporting mental health care programs and providing resources for low-income women and children.

Huston also says Republicans want to continue providing support for Governor Eric Holcomb’s READI (Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative) program, which drives innovation and development of economic opportunity in Indiana.

Huston continues, “next, our economy needs to be continuously fueled by trained and skilled workforce.” He says a big part of that idea is making sure high school graduates are prepared to make an impact and meet their own needs and the Hoosier State’s economic needs.

There was no mention of support for Governor Holcomb’s call for free textbooks. Huston did say lawmakers are looking at the idea.