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Sunset in Washington D.C.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., introduced an amendment to the House rules to allow C-SPAN to broadcast from the House floor during normal proceedings. The amendment requires the speaker of the House to allow a minimum of four cameras owned and operated by C-SPAN to broadcast and record the floor proceedings of the House.

Speaker Vote

Gaetz stated to Fox News Digital, “I’ve received a lot of feedback from constituents about how interesting it was, and that you were able to see in real time how our government is functioning. What alliances are being created; What discussions are being had; What animated moments drive the action.”

C-SPAN CEO Susan Swain asked McCarthy for permission to “cover floor proceedings on behalf of our network and all Congressionally-accredited news organizations.”

Former House Speakers John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi have denied this request in the past.

Speaker Vote

C-SPAN is a private, nonprofit organization funded by its cable and satellite affiliates. It is operated by the National Cable Satellite Corporation. C-Span launched with the first televised House of Representatives debate on March 19, 1979.

What Is C-SPAN’s Connection with Indiana?

C-SPAN maintains archives in West Lafayette, Indiana, at the Purdue Research Park under the direction of Dr. Robert X. Browning. Browning is a professor at Purdue University and head of the C-SPAN Archives. The archives began in September of 1987 with the highly contested nomination of Robert Bork to the Supreme Court.

Ohio State v Purdue

Every C-SPAN program aired since 1987, from all House and Senate sessions in the US Congress, to hearings, presidential speeches, conventions, and campaign events, is contained in the video library. Totaling over 200,000 hours, it is immediately and freely accessible through the database and electronic archival systems.

Brian Lamb Founder Of CSPAN, Washington DC

Purdue University School of Communication is named after the founder of C-SPAN, Brian Lamb, hence,  Lamb is the original founder of the C-SPAN Networks and C-SPAN’s former executive chair. Lamb was an integral part of C-SPAN since he helped the cable industry launch it on March 19, 1979. He served as the network’s CEO until March of 2012.

Lamb’s work with C-SPAN has been recognized with the Presidential Medal of Honor and the National Humanities Medal. In 2011, Purdue University recognized him with the formation of the Brian Lamb School of Communication.