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The clock strikes midnight and you’re into the first minutes of the new year. While turning the page on the calendar, many people vow to change habits and make new year’s resolutions. The hard part is keeping them. But before you blame yourself entirely for your previous lack of success, consider this: Your location may be setting you up for failure.

4 in 10 people think financial resolutions will be even harder to stick to in 2023 than in 2022. 1 in 3 Americans plan to make finance-themed resolutions this year with the top financial resolutions for 2023 being “to save more money” and “to fight back against inflation”. The personal-finance website WalletHub released its report on 2023’s Best & Worst Cities for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions.

WalletHub considered some of the most popular (and most commonly broken) resolutions to rank more than 180 U.S. cities based on their conduciveness to self-improvement. In each city, WalletHub peaked at a total of 57 key metrics, ranging from exercise opportunities to income growth to employment outlook.

Source: WalletHub

Top 10 Cities for Keeping Resolutions

Best Cities for Keeping Resolutions Worst Cities for Keeping Resolutions
1. Seattle, WA 173. Jackson, MS
2. San Francisco, CA 174. Detroit, MI
3. Scottsdale, AZ 175. San Bernardino, CA
4. Salt Lake City, UT 176. Fayetteville, NC
5. Overland Park, KS 177. Dover, DE
6. Irvine, CA 178. Huntington, WV
7. Fremont, CA 179. Augusta, GA
8. San Diego, CA 180. Gulfport, MS
9. Austin, TX 181. Shreveport, LA
10. Orlando, FL 182. Newark, NJ

Where Does Indianapolis Rank for meeting financial resolutions?

You have to scroll all the way to 135 to find Indianapolis on the list. You’d be more successful living in Fort Wayne as it is the highest-ranking city in Indiana to meet a financial new year’s resolution. Fort Wayne placed at 127.

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What Are the Top Financial Goals for 2023?

  1. Save more money
  2. Repay 20% of your credit card debt
  3. Improve your credit score
  4. Fight back against inflation
  5. Make a realistic budget & stick to it
  6. Pay bills right after getting your paycheck
  7. Use different credit cards for everyday purchases & debt
  8. Get an A in Financial Literacy
  9. Sign up for credit monitoring
  10. Make sure you have enough insurance for a catastrophe
  11. Focus on physical health, given its strong connection to financial health
  12. Look for a better job