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A new Speaker of the House will be voted on Tuesday. After weeks of negotiations, it is still yet unclear if GOP leader Kevin McCarthy has done enough to get the party’s vote.

Just a handful of Republican objectors stand in the way of the McCarthy getting the gavel. Reps. Matt Gaetz, Andy Biggs, Bob Good, Ralph Norman, and Matt Rosendale have publicly said McCarthy’s long list of concessions isn’t enough to earn their votes.

The California GOP released his 55 page-long proposal on what rules he is prepared to change, including making it easier to depose a speaker. This particular rule would allow five members of the House majority to force a vote of no-confidence in their leader, which some GOP lawmakers believe would weaken their party.

Tony Katz says that while he does believe McCarthy will take the victory, he’s not so sure he has the right leadership abilities.

“The reason Kevin McCarthy shouldn’t be speaker, is because of the reason they have right now. You don’t have enough of a victory from the Republicans, you didn’t take enough seats to put this thing away. And that’s why people are questioning your leadership- and they should.”