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Sarah Benson

FARMERSBURG, Ind. — A Hoosier murdered over forty years ago. A recent development may be the missing piece to the puzzle.

On the night of January 2nd, 1981, 51-year-old Sarah Benson was found dead inside her Farmersburg home. Neighbors described seeing a car in the driveway before Benson got home, and also reported seeing a tall, thin white man in his 20s knocking on the front door.

Police believe the man is the killer and that he was using the car, which has been described as an older, “robin egg blue” Plymouth Valiant, possibly a Chevrolet with shiny blue paint, or a “clean” bluish green sedan.

Possible suspect car


“We went through old pictures of the crime scene and found pictures of a shoe print in the snow that had a specific pattern that we were unfamiliar with,” says current Sullivan County Sheriff Jason Bobbitt.

Sheriff Bobbitt says detectives posted pictures of the shoe print online and found a pair of brown shoes with the exact sole print, matching what they believe the killer was wearing on that night.

Possible shoes of murder suspect.


Although detectives have worked many different leads, they do not have anyone they believe could be the suspect.

“If the suspect is still alive, perhaps he’ll see this or hear this, and maybe come to heart and realize it’s time to let everybody know. Give justice to the family,” says Bobbitt.

If you know anything about the murder of Sarah Benson or have any information that may be helpful to police, call the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office at 812-268-4308 or the Indiana State Police at 765-653-4114.