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EVANSVILLE, Ind. — Saturday, a warehouse lit on fire in Evansville and soon spread to others, causing a massive fire that took multiple crews to put out.

The Evansville Fire Department says that it started around 10:00 Saturday morning on N. Garvin Street at a commercial warehouse. The fire quickly spread to turn into a four-alarm fire. Nearby fire departments were called in to help fire the blaze, while Indiana’s Red Cross division arrived with volunteers to give out water to the firefighters.

Tow trucks were brought in to remove semi-truck trailers filled with plastic pellets to avoid spreading the fire. Other crews worked to prevent the fire from spreading to nearby businesses.

After the fire was put out, smoke could still be seen from a distance and hot spots still required firefighters to keep watch over the scene for the weekend.

The Evansville Fire Department gave out a warning for smoke inhalation, urging residents to stay away from the scene or close their doors and seal windows.

Monday, state sire marshals begin an investigation into the fire.