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RICHMOND, Ind.–A man accused in the fatal shooting of a Richmond officer wants to serve as his own legal defense in trial.

Philip Lee, 47, is accused of shooting Richmond Police Officer Seara Burton during a traffic stop in August. She died from her injuries five weeks later. Lee was out on parole when it happened.

Lee filed a motion Dec. 22 to represent himself at trial, court documents show. That same day, his court-appointed defense attorney filed a motion seeking to withdraw from the case.

His trial will begin March 7, 2023.

A judge has issued a gag order in the case. That means police, attorneys, and even family members are not allowed to comment on the case or the “character, credibility, reputation or criminal records” of Lee.

Not only is Lee charged with murder, but he’s also charged with attempted murder because investigators say he fired his gun at another officer during the shooting.