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A sign for the National Weather Service Indianapolis

STATEWIDE — The winter storm has made its way to the Hoosier State, and the National Weather Service in Indianapolis has the latest information you need about this upcoming forecast.

“As the front moves through, temperatures will drop to near freezing,” said Meteorologist Mike Koch with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis in a Thursday press conference, “but just a couple of hours later, behind the front, you can see temperatures drop down into the single digits.”

Brutal, freezing cold temperatures has become the main threat for this winter storm.

Rain and snow will continue to fall, especially in the northern part of the state, but it’s those cold temperatures that will freeze any rain or snow on the ground, creating dangerous driving conditions through Friday and Saturday.

“Wind gusts up to 55 miles an hour are going to cause havoc on the roads as far as blowing and drifting snow,” said Koch. That kind of snow can affect visibility, and when you combine that with a slick road, you’re facing a life-threatening situation on the road.