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U.S. Capitol

Republican leadership is collaborating with Chuck Schumer and the Democrats to push a new omnibus spending bill.

Fox Business reported on the government spending bill Tuesday, stating that “Federal budget experts and lawmakers were scrambling to digest the giant, $1.7 trillion spending bill lawmakers released Tuesday morning, but early assessments confirm that the bill is very large and very expensive.”

According to the report, “The bill clocks in at 4,155 pages” and “will likely draw arguments throughout the week that it is too large to read and understand in the few days Congress has to pass it before some funding for the government runs out on Friday.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., took to Twitter on Tuesday to mock the $1.7 trillion omnibus bill.

Standing behind a cart holding all 4,155 pages of the bill, Paul tweeted “I wonder how long it would take the clerk to read this…”

The cart Paul was standing behind contained posters reading “1.7 Trillion of Hazardous Debt,” “Beware debt hazard of 1.7 trillion added to he national debt,” “Greatest threat to our national security: 1.7 trillion added to the debt.”

Lawmakers in the House and Senate have until the end of the week to pass the legislation that would fund the government through September.