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Colts Jeff Saturday press conference

INDIANAPOLIS — It was a much-needed break, but now it’s time for the Indianapolis Colts to get back in gear and finish the last four games of the regular season.

“You know, Matt, Matt is going to be our guy going into Saturday,” says Indianapolis Colts interim head coach Jeff Saturday, talking to media Monday about this weekend’s game against the Minnesota Vikings.

The Colts are coming off of a BYE week, sitting at 4-8-1 with a three-game losing streak. Indianapolis was demolished by the Dallas Cowboys, 54-19. Saturday says the Colts are sticking with Matt Ryan as starting quarterback.

Saturday says he discussed the turnover issue with Matt Ryan and said that Ryan is a realist and shoulders much of the burden. That burden is something that Saturday can sympathize with, especially when it comes to the quarterback position. Saturday describes it as a position that gets too much credit and too much blame at the same time.

“We haven’t been good enough in a lot of areas,” says Saturday, “so I hate to pinpoint one guy or one position, but obviously, that’s the quarterback position in the NFL, right.” Calling the turnovers “casual and careless”, Saturday said the responsibility is on everyone who touches the ball to not give it to the opponent.

Saturday explained, “you got to protect the ball. You got 53 livelihoods in your hand every time you touch it [the ball], and it needs to be, you need to carry yourself with that kind of respect for that ball.”

Saturday says he’s as frustrated as anyone else, and it’s a point that he made sure to address during the BYE week.