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Don Lemon got into a heated debate with his CNN co-anchors regarding the pay gap between male and female athletes, in which he remarked that male athletes make more money because men’s sports generate more revenue than women’s sports.

Lemon made his remarks during a “CNN This Morning” story on the salary discrepancy between the US men’s and US women’s national soccer teams. His co-anchors, Kaitlin Collins and Poppy Harlow, made the claim that male athletes earn more because the media provides men’s sports a wider platform.

“I have big issue with this, guys, WBNA-same thing’s happening to them. Until big media companies, big tech companies, advertisers invest and put them on their airwaves more and allow people to see it more and gain more fans, then you will push towards more equality,” said Harlow.

Don Lemon argued that men’s sports are more in demand in our “capitalist system,” therefore that is why male athletes get paid more.

“I know everyone’s going to hate me, but the men’s team makes more money. If they make more money then they should get more money,” Lemon said, “The men’s team makes more money because people are more interested in the men!”