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hands grabbing a jail cell bar

INDIANAPOLIS — A man from Indianapolis man, described as a “career drug dealer,” is headed back to prison after being convicted on multiple drug charges.

Kevin Noel, 40, of Indianapolis, pled guilty to possession with intent to distribute fentanyl and possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime. Indianapolis Metro Police officers checked on Noel back in January of 2021. During that check-up, police found evidence of recent drug trafficking. Multiple guns, fentanyl, cocaine and other drug mixtures were all found through searches of his home and truck.

Noel also had 24,000-dollars from recent drug sales, and he admitted plans to sell drugs again.

Noel has four prior felony convictions related to drugs, not to mention he’s prohibited from possessing firearms under federal law due to the felonies.

He got 17 years in prison, plus 4 years of probation.