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Widespread protests have erupted across China as citizens fight back against the countries ‘zero covid’ lockdowns. Thousands of protests are specifically calling for the removal of Communist Party leader Xi Jinping who has enforced cities to continually lockdown, in addition to implementing digital tracking and mass-testing.

The protest movement exploded after a fatal fire in Urumqi, the capital of the far western region of Xinjiang. An apartment building in Urumqi caught fire last week killing at least 10 people and injuring 9. Reports say firefighters were delayed due to the extreme lockdown measures including barriers at emergency exits.

Following the devastating incident, residents marched to Urumqi government officials demanding lockdowns to be lifted. The city had been under lockdown for several months.

Public anger spread in the subsequent days as protests started growing by the hundreds from Shanghai to Beijing and Wuhan. Authorities have tightened up and can be seen surrounding most protest areas. Thousands of protestors have been arrested.

Often times with world news it’s easy to feel helpless. Tony Katz says one thing you could do this holiday season is avoid buying any ‘made in China’ products.

“May I suggest you do everything in your power not to buy things from China… you would be hurting the Communists Party and putting the pressure on Xi Jinping. Make China change.”

Katz also calls for world leaders, including Biden to speak out against the Communist regime.