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STATEWIDE — Rain is passing through central Indiana and moving north, and some stronger winds are moving with it.

“Likely going to see peak wind gusts anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour, with probably the highest potential for wind gusts especially to the east of Indianapolis as we go into the afternoon,” said Mike Ryan, meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.

He says those winds are starting off coming from the southwest, but will move on up from the northwest, so be careful if you’re driving in a high-profile vehicle on roads like I-65 and I-74.

Along with driving carefully, Ryan warns that if you already have holiday decorations outside you may want to make sure they’re secure.

Monday we won’t see the winds we are seeing today, but that could be different on Tuesday.

“Temperatures are going to fall back to what would be more typical for this time of year, here in late November. We’re expecting highs mainly in the mid and upper 40s tomorrow,” said Ryan, “And then we’re going to do this again Tuesday, in particular Tuesday night with another strong system moving through the Ohio Valley that’s going to bring rain and likely some rain with it.”