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WASHINGTON--Sometimes change is a good thing. Republican Sen. Mike Braun wants change i the U.S. Senate. He’s supporting the replacement of Kentucky Sen, Mitch McConnell as leader of the party, with Sen. Rick Scott of Florida.

“I think that he has been co-opted by the system,” said Braun, talking to WIBC’s Tony Katz. “I think the career politicians that have been there for decades, the system is rigged in their favor.”

Braun puts part of the blame for Republicans not taking back control of the Senate on McConnell. He said McConnell pushed for money to go to supporting bad candidates. He also said that for years Republicans have not been pushing a clear message.

“Proof in the pudding: The results that we deliver through the federal government, by any measure, aren’t great. The other side of the aisle wants more of it. We claim we don’t. We ought to proactive what we preach,” said Braun.

Braun said the message from Republicans should be fiscal conservatism, being good stewards of taxpayer money and not spending too much of it. He also said that families are most affected by healthcare and that Republicans should promise to fix it and follow through. He believes the McConnell era has been marked by hypocrisy.

“Keep doing the same thing, expect the same results,” he said.

Instead, Braun believes Republicans need to come together and deliver a message about their goals.

“I’ve been from day one a proponent of term limits. I think we need a balanced budget amendment to boot,” he said. “This is the start of at least the so-called Conservative side of the ledger telling people what we’re for rather than telling people we’ll let you know after the election.”

Braun also said Republicans have been unsuccessful in recent years in getting support from the other side of the aisle.

“They generally drag 10 to 15 of us along. We have never gotten one Democrat in my observation, to come along with us, on a major piece of legislation that we put out there. That has got to change, as well.”