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In the past, Democrats have been unable to accept defeat gracefully. The left has used countless woke excuses over the years for lost elections including unfair voting conditions, classism, and even racism.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the latest Democrat to use racism as a reason why Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes in Wisconsin lost the US Senate Race. AOC backed Barnes in June of this year.

While discussing Barnes loss, AOC claimed that Republicans had targeted him because he was a black man.

“I think there are racial dynamics in that race that need to be discussed, in terms of how Republicans targeted a black man running in that race.”

Tony Katz points out that maybe Barnes was just poor choices for the Democrat ticket.

“No one was targeted. They talked about his policies; he was the guy that said ‘defund the police.’ He called the police an occupied force. Maybe the people of Wisconsin didn’t like it…maybe he wasn’t a quality candidate.”

Republican Ron Johnson beat Barnes for Wisconsin Governor by a slim