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People love taking selfies. Oxford Dictionaries named “Selfie” the word of 2013. 2014 was declared the “Year of the Selfie”.

In fact,

  • 92 million selfies are taken every day.
  • Over 50% of millennials have published a selfie at least once. …
  • Individuals spend 54 hours a year (or 7 minutes a day) taking selfies.
  • People smile in 60% of selfies.
  • An average “selfie-taker” is 24 years old.
  • Women take 1.5 times more selfies than men.
  • 4% of all pictures taken are selfies.
  • People take 2.3 billion photos daily, equating to 1.72 trillion annually in 2022.
  • The Eiffel Tower is the most popular destination for selfies.

However, as the selfie craze and short form video consumption grows, some people are taking pics in extreme locations. There was a 32-year-old woman visiting Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula who was taking a selfie too close to the edge of a 200-foot cliff when she fatally fell into Lake Michigan.

Voters Go To The Polls In Missouri Primary Election

Is it legal to take a selfie in a voting booth in Indiana?

In some states, taking photos of any kind at polling places is illegal or discouraged. If you’re ever in doubt, ask a poll worker.

According to CNN, it’s fine to take photos in a voting booth in Indiana, as long as it’s just of yourself. The state recently changed its laws to allow for this kind of ballot selfie.

In 2015, A judge ruled that an Indiana law making it a felony offense to take a “ballot selfie” at polling stations and/or post a ballot selfie on the Internet was unconstitutional.

U.S. District Judge Sarah Evans Barker wrote in her opinion that the law violated the First Amendment of the United States and was nearly impossible to “survive strict scrutiny because it neither serves compelling state interests nor is narrowly tailored to achieve those interest.”

  • You can take photos outside the location.
  • You can take photos inside the location.
  • You can take selfies with your ballot.

52% of adults have never taken a selfie in a voting booth or elsewhere!



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