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As Election Day is in full swing, several polls are showing Republicans taking the Senate and the House.

Now Tony Katz doesn’t always agree with Kellyanne Conway, but she made an excellent point Monday night on Fox Business. Conway said that Democrats biggest mistake has been campaigning for what they want, unlike Republicans who are campaigning for issues Americans are currently facing.

“The Democrats ran on what they want you to believe, the Republicans ran on what you can see with your own two eyes. Voters are smart enough to vote according to what they see. It is a decline in everyday wealth, in what your wages are worth, obviously. An increase in crime, a big problem with our education overhang, a lot of parents still upset over the decline in test scores, about the inability for them to find a better choice for their children, and of course its immigration and border security.”

Katz echoes that this statement is absolutely true.

“Republicans are running on reality, and Democrats are running on what they want their reality to be. That’s accurate. That’s a good summation on what is going on in these midterms.”

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