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STATEWIDE — The race for Indiana’s Senate seat in Washington has between about several issues between incumbent Sen. Todd Young and his Democratic challenger Tom McDermott.

The most pressing issue, it would seem between the two, is the economy. Young has been criticized by many fiscal conservatives for voting in favor of some larger spending packages in recent years.

“When spending is needed Hoosiers want us to spend,” Young explained in an interview on WISH-TV. “When it’s wasteful spending, the roughly $6 trillion spending spree the Biden administration has been through, then I will oppose it.”

McDermott, the current mayor of Hammond, Indiana, is in agreement with most Republicans that spending needs to be curtailed.

“We’re going to have to start spending less than we make,” said McDermott. “That’s how you get the debt down. We have to make tough decisions and quite frankly, Todd Young has had that opportunity for 12 years and hasn’t taken it.”

McDermott has been an advocate for legal cannabis in Indiana as well.

“I think we need to move forward (with legalizing pot),” McDermott said. “There’s a host of benefits to legalizing cannabis. You know alcohol, for instance, is not healthy either. This is a vice and, quite frankly, (pot) needs to be regulated by the state.”

“For medicinal purposes, I join the people of Indiana in saying this is something we should look at,” Young said on legal pot. “I do have to say, unlike my opponent who has made this the center piece of his campaign, there are a lot more important issues for Hoosiers right now.”

Young believes border security is one of those issues. He predicts that Republicans will win back control of Congress and said Biden has an “opportunity” to work with Republicans on securing the border. Young said he also supports pathways for DACA recipients to become US citizens.

For McDermott, another issue he says is a priority is the subject of guns; more specifically better regulation of military-style weapons.

“I’m not a Democrat that wants to take your handguns, because I own handguns,” said McDermott. “I understand that 99-percent of the people who own military-style assault weapons are using them for all the right reasons. But, what is scary is when one person gets a hold of one of those weapons and kills a bunch of people.”

Elections Day is November 8th.