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EVANSVILLE, Ind.--A woman had a child Wednesday morning near the University of Southern Indiana near the Lloyd Expressway in Evansville.

The woman called 911 while on the way into Evansville, trying to make it to a hospital. A man was with her in the car.

“I’m giving birth to a baby!” she screamed in between groans of pain. “Please help me!”

The dispatcher was able to ascertain the couple was driving on the Lloyd Expressway. The woman could be heard in pains of distress and in the pangs of child birth through the entire call. The couple was eventually met by USI Public Safety when they pulled off the expressway onto a nearby road.

“USI Public Safety arrived quickly and assisted the patient who was in active labor, attempting to make it to an Evansville hospital from Carmi, Illinois. The baby had other ideas, and Public Safety Sgt. Jonathon Hancock assisted in the delivery until the ambulance arrived!” USI Public Safety Tweeted.

The baby was delivered shortly after 7 a.m. Mom and baby are fine, said the Tweet.