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EAST CHICAGO, Ind. — A man out on bond for attempted murder is arrested for weekend shooting.

Indiana State Police say that 43-year-old Andres Perez shot at someone in their car Sunday morning.

Around 3:40a.m., that person was driving eastbound on I-80 by Burr Street, when a black SUV fired shots at them. A passenger in the car was shot in their lower extremity and the driver kept going on I-80 until they were out of sight of the SUV.

The victim stopped on the I-94 exit ramp to State Road 49 until police could arrive. The person shot was taken to a hospital in Chesterton. Police found a bullet hole in the passenger door.

Throughout the investigation, ISP detectives believed Andres Perez to be the suspect. Perez was already on bond for an attempted murder in July.

Tuesday, an ISP SWAT team arrested Perez and took him to Lake County Jail without bond.

Perez is now charged with Attempted Murder, Stalking While Armed with a Deadly Weapon, Battery by Means of a Deadly Weapon, and three charges Criminal Recklessness with a Firearm.