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President Biden seemingly dozes off during an interview aired this weekend. This isn’t the first time the 79-year-old was caught snoozing on the job.

This time last year, #sleepyjoe was trending after President Biden was filmed ‘resting his eyes’ at the at the COP26 climate change summit.


The most recent incident happened during an interview with MSNBC. President Biden was asked if his wife would support another term in office. He is seen taking a beat, presumably thinking of an answer, but then shuts his eyes and dips his head for just a moment. The reporter then spoke up, which is when Biden quickly answered Dr. Jill would support him.

Tony Katz says the woke wants to say the concern over Biden is ‘ageist,’ but Katz says that’s just not the case. Despite disagreeing on policies, Katz says that man himself is not up physically for the job as president.

“I’m not diagnosing Joe Biden and I’m not discussing his policies…we’re having a different discussion. We’re discussing the fact that Joe Biden is not okay. Joe Biden fell asleep during an interview…there are plenty of 70-year-olds, 80-year-olds, who are capable of a lot of things. Who have incredible energy… Joe Biden is not one of them…

…Joe Biden can’t do it (the job). And it’s imperative to the rational mind that you note it. You note when someone can’t do the job. When those who want power over everything, who just need a democrat in power, they think that somehow, you’re an agist for noticing. No, you’re alive, aware, cogent, and cognitive. These people are not, they are ideologs who don’t want anything to break their grip.”

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