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INDIANAPOLIS — You may remember the White Castle shooting of 2019 which involved two southern Indiana judges. The final sentencing has been decided in that case.

It was May 1st, 2019, in a downtown Indianapolis White Castle parking lot. Brandon Kaiser, Alfredo Vasquez, and Clark County Circuit judges Brad Jacobs and Andrew Adams got into an argument, which led to an all-out brawl. Former Crawford Circuit Court Judge Sabrina Bell was also there for the fight.

At one point in the fight, Brandon Kaiser pulled out a gun and pumped a few rounds into Adams and Jacobs. Both men survived.

Kaiser has been sentenced to sixteen years, with eight to be spent in prison, six on probation, and two years suspended.

In late 2019, Vasquez and Adams were hit with minor sentences for their role in the fight. Jacobs managed to get out without being charged. Sabrina Bell resigned from her role as a circuit court judge after being charged for domestic battery in the presence of a child earlier this year.