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INDIANAPOLIS — Police in Indianapolis have arrested four accused drug dealers, including one man wanted out of Vigo County.

A multi-team investigation began on October 10th. IMPD made their way to Central Avenue and arrested two men, Ryan Hatton, 45, and Daquan Elliot, 30. Both men have been charged with possession and dealing in meth and cocaine. Elliot was hit with an additional charge of possession of a syringe.

Police then focused their attention on the area of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street, in which IMPD described as an area going through an “uptick” in violence. Detectives say they found Corey Bryant on Indianapolis Avenue. He’s wanted out of Vigo County for dealing in narcotics.

Police tried to stop Bryant on North Illinois Street, but the cops say he refused to pull over and a chase began. IMPD says they pulled back, and Bryant was eventually found on foot and arrested. He’s accused of dealing meth, crack cocaine, resisting law enforcement and dealing in marijuana. IMPD, say they recovered 127 grams of suspected crack cocaine, 1127 grams of suspected crystal meth, and 3.2 pounds of marijuana.

That brings Thursday, October 13th. IMPD conducted a search warrant on West 30th Street and arrested 26-year-old Samuel Cross. He’s accused of possessing a firearm while being a felon, not to mention his accused dealings and possession of marijuana and THC items. Detectives say they recovered 2,992 disposable THC vape pens, 760 THC cartridges, 2,800 grams of THC, 98 pieces of edibles, and about 10 pounds of weed.

IMPD says it’s important to remember that all of these suspects are innocent until proven guilty, and that the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office will take over their cases.