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FORT WAYNE, Ind. — The city of Fort Wayne has a blueprint for how it will spend the money of taxpayers who live in the Allen County city for 2023.

Mayor Tom Henry (D) laid out his proposed budget for the 2023 fiscal year on Monday. He says the city is in a strong financial position going forward.

“Our plans for the future call for record investments in neighborhood infrastructure investments which ultimately will total $51.3 million,” Henry said. “This effort for our enhancements in infrastructure also includes our parks department enhancements.”

The budget also has a hefty amount of investment in public safety.

“In addition, a continuation of proactive investment in public safety will help ensure that Fort Wayne is the safest possible city it can be,” Henry added. “You will notice in the budget that we are calling for the addition of 15 additional police officers, which will bring our total up t to 500 officers, the most we’ve ever had in this community.”

Henry also said that his budget is “balanced” and includes a slight tax decrease. In total, the mayor’s budget has a price tag of $215.4 million.