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INDIANAPOLS — Once every four years, The International Violin Competition of Indianapolis is held to find the best talent in the world to add to their list of laureates.

Called “The Olympics of Violin” the IVCI is recognized by the World Federation of International Music Competitions in Geneva, bringing acclaim all across the world to Indiana. The IVCI was started in 1982 by Josef Gingold, one of the most famous violinists from the United States.

“We had approached him and asked him if he would help us create an international competition in America, that to that point, had never existed before,” says Executive Director Glen Kwok, “It is one of the few events that truly brings people from around the world to our city.”

The competition has been well underway, and now 6 finalists have been selected. They’re fight for the top prize not only includes a gold medal, cash prize, and career management, but an opportunity few would ever have in the world: a chance to play a legendary “ex-Gingold” 1683 Stradivari violin and debut in the Carnegie Hall.

“There’s an old saying, how do you get to Carnegie Hall: practice, practice, practice. But in truth, very few people ever make it to this incredibly hallowed hall which the most illustrious musicians from around the world have played,” said Kwok.

The IVCI continues finals until Friday September 23rd. You can buy a ticket to see it live at Butler’s Schrott Center for the Arts or later when contestants play with the Indiana Symphony Orchestra downtown. If you can’t make it but still want to experience the music, all previous and future performances are available to stream on their website,