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Every September for the Colts feels like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.



A slow start forces the team to come from behind in the AFC South standings and claw for a chance to make the postseason. The national media has even had enough of giving the Colts the benefit of the doubt.



Even though their record of 0-1-1 is better than the 2021 start of 0-2, do the analytics show this slow start is equal to previous years? 107.5 The Fan Host JMV was joined by his own “Scientist” Pro Football Focus Data Scientist Ben Brown joined JMV to help dive into the numbers about the Colts. Are the Wide Receiver’s behind Michael Pittman Jr. as bad as the eye test tell us? (Hint: They are)



Is Matt Ryan over the hill as a QB? Who is the teams best player right now? What has happened to the OL? Ben Brown dives into all that and more in their interview below!