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Local LGBTQ groups are condemning a Catholic church event to which they say promotes conversion therapy.

St. Luke Catholic Parish posted an upcoming event with Kim Zember, who would be sharing her story of overcoming same-sex attraction through spirituality. A local LGBTQ activist group, Shelly’s Voice, was quick to call out the church and Bishop Chatard for promoting “conversion therapy.”

Shelly’s Voice called for St. Luke to cancel the youth targeted event in a press release last week.

The event post has now been removed by the church along with a postponement of Zember’s talk. The Archdiocese of Indianapolis sent out a statement Sunday evening.

“Out of respect for concerns that have been raised about a speaker for an upcoming event to be hosted at St. Luke Parish in Indianapolis by a group of youth ministers, the event has been postponed. The non-obligatory event was intended to focus on the Christian virtue of chastity. The Catholic Church respects the God-given dignity of all people and teaches that we are all called to live a chaste life. The event has been postponed to allow for discernment regarding how best to proceed with an event that takes the various concerns into consideration.”

Tony Katz says while he absolutely opposes conversion therapy, he also believes in  freedom of speech.

“Are you telling me if she has a point of view, she’s not allowed to share it…In a world, of what we would describe as, the violence of conversion therapy – a conversation isn’t a problem. It’s not…Talking to a faith leader is a problem? …no one is saying they hate anybody. I don’t know anything about the church, I don’t know anything about this woman…but what’s so wrong with a conversation…She’s entitled to have a conversation.”

Katz argues that cutting others from conversation only hurts those questioning their sexuality. He also points out the hypocrisy of extreme left activist groups wanting to censor those they don’t agree with.

“If the argument is that if you can’t have conversation or tell kids something different, if you can’t have leaders of any kind having conversations… how can you approve of schools allowing kids to change their gender in schools? Isn’t the thing you’re oppose to, the thing that is happening to so many in education?”

Bishop Chatard tweeted that their post regarding the event was an unvetted promotional request that hadn’t been submitted for approval.