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INDIANAPOLIS--Illegal immigration affects Indiana, too says Attorney General Todd Rokita. He’s at the We Are All Border States Summit to hear from law enforcement from Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

“Illegal immigration directly impacts all our states, so we must fix the problem given to us by the federal government,” said Rokita, delivering opening remarks. “And, we must hold the federal government accountable for doing its job under the Constitution.”

Some governors of states actually on the border have done that by sending immigrants north to DC, New York, Massachusetts and even the home of Vice Pres. Kamala Harris. The federal governemt and Biden adminbistration are now considering legal action.

Rokita has taken legal action of his own, filing a lawsuit against the Biden administration over its immigration policies, many of which are direct reversals of Trump-era policies, that Rokita and other Republicans believe were working to combat drug and other criminal activity.

But, Rokita and company at the conference are more concerned with how illegal immigration affects Hoosiers and people in non-border states.

Participants attended sessions focused on such issues as how law enforcement can best fight criminal activities and other problems that originate along the border such as cartel violence, human trafficking and the fentanyl crisis.

“Our brave men and women in law enforcement are on the front lines,” said Rokita. “They are the ones who come face to face with the violent predators threatening our families and neighborhoods.”

One solution stressed at the summit is a partnership among states.