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STATE HOUSE--Indiana Democrats say they are pushing back, and will continue to do so, against the state’s abortion ban and the Republicans responsible for its passage. In a news conference Thursday in front of the Statehouse, several members of the Democratic party, including some candidates for the legislature, urged people to vote, promising to try and repeal the ban.

“A special session revealed that the supermajority is consumed with prioritizing their own personal agenda and personal beliefs over the people they were elected to represent,” said State Rep. Maureen Bauer (D-South Bend)

Bauer has been vocal in her opposition to what she calls unfair treatment of the minority party, by legislative Republicans.

“Women and girls are mourning the loss of rights as we wake up today and face a new reality, that Indiana Republicans have rolled back womens’ rights by 50 years,:” she said.

Andrea Hunley, candidate for state Senate, said she believes abortion bans strengthen systemic racism and inequalities.

“As a mother, a teacher and a Black woman, I have and will continue to fight for a world where reproductive health choices, including abortion, are made by the pregnant individual with support from their doctor and their loved ones, not by lawmakers,” she said.

Some of the speakers accused Republicans of being “big government”, saying they are hearing from Hoosiers, the majority of which they say are straight white men, that the legislature over stepped with the ban.

“The Indiana Republican Party is putting their extremist agenda before the future of our state,” said Democratic Party Vice Chair Myla Eldridge, calling out some lawmakers like Sen. Todd Young, who is not in the state legislature, but serves as a U.S. Senator. Eldridge said she believes Young would support Sen. Lindsey Graham’s proposal for a nation-wide abortion ban.

“Todd Young isn’t alone, guys. Republicans like (candidate) Fred Glynn are scrubbing their extreme views from social media and their websites because they know their view is unpopular,” she said.

Young has said he supported a state abortion ban. Many Republicans have said a ban is up to the states, not the federal government, essentially the ruling of the Supreme Court.