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FORT WAYNE, Ind. — An investigation into an accused Fort Wayne drug dealer lasted three years. When the cops finally came knocking at his door on September 9th, they found much more than just drugs.

Court documents obtained by WANE-TV in Fort Wayne detail the investigation into 44-year-old Matthew Redd and his wife Sylvia Redd. Since 2019, detectives tailed both of the Redds, detailing instances of the two apparently dealing in cocaine, heroin, meth, and fentanyl.

Police made their move on Friday, September 9th.

WANE-TV says a search warrant was obtained for the Redds’ home, and within 10 minutes, both Matthew and Sylvia Redd turned themselves into police custody. Court documents say police found several different kinds of drugs, thousands of dollars in cash, stolen guns, and perhaps the biggest surprise to police – both literally and figuratively – a grenade launcher.

Some of the guns found included pistols, shotguns, rifles and AK-47s.

Police believe the home was a “trap house”, where the Redds would conduct their business and then travel back to their actual home.

Two dogs were also found inside the home. They were being kept in direct sunlight without food or water. A dead cat was found wrapped up and placed inside the Redds’ car.

Matthew Redd faces several drug charges, including dealing and possession. He’s also charged with violating a protective order – an order that his own wife Sylvia had against him. She’s also charged with dealing and possession.