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The Number One job of a United States Senator is to show up and vote. Apparently, Todd Young did not get that memo. Young’s absence almost cost Americans big time, and allowed the Democrats to score a win, by appointing a left-wing judge to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals.

Where was The Duke of Spendingburg instead of doing his most important duty on behalf of taxpayers? He was palling around Purdue with members of Joe Biden’s Cabinet and Eric “Lockdown McGee” Holcomb.  Todd Young and Governor High Tax appeared along with Biden confidants Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo. The Fearsome Foursome, with former Governor Mitch Daniels moderating, promoted semiconductor manufacturing.

Semiconductor manufacturing is near and dear to the heart of Todd Young, since he recently teamed up with Democrat Senate Leader Charles Schumer to add billions of dollars to the national debt and enrich mega corporations via the CHIPS Act. CHIPS was a bill so laden with giveaways to the rich and powerful, that even Bernie Sanders opposed it.

As usual, Rob Kendall was more than willing to take Todd Young to task. Kendall was dismayed that Young would abandon his most important job, in order to promote a bill that adds to the debt and props up the wealthy at the expense of everyone else:

Todd Young made the choice to skip his obligation to vote on your behalf, to stop this lunatic leftist, so he could go gladhand with Lockdown McGee and the Biden Administration officials.

It is always reassuring when Indiana’s supposedly Republican Senator abandons his duty to taxpayers, in order to pal around with high-ranking Biden officials and the Hoosier State’s tax and spend governor. Lucky for the nation, Young’s terrible attendance was not only matched, but surpassed by multiple Democrats, which caused the judicial nomination of Arianna Freeman to fail…for now.

Click the link below to hear The Kendall and Casey Show’s conversation about Todd Young skipping out on his obligation to vote on your behalf.

Photo Credit: Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images