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MISHAWAKA, Ind.--A man in Mishawaka was tied up and beaten for several hours at a woman’s apartment last week. Now she has been charged with that beating and a forced overnight stay. She may have been on meth when it happened.

The victim, identified only as a 61-year-old man, told people that last Wednesday at 2 a.m. he got text messages from Mariah Conn-Wilhelm, saying that she and her five-month-old son were in danger. The man went to her apartment.

According to court papers, when he got there, they argued and the woman hit him over the head with a frying pan.

She called a friend and they together, tied the man and bound him with ropes and chains, then stuck a ball gag in his mouth. Police say they spent several hours working the man over with several objects, then put a gun to his head demanding he sell property that he owned and give them the money.

The man was able to get away the next day. Police said he had several broken bones.

In a search on the apartment, police found meth.

Conn-Wilhelm will face a judge Sept. 27.