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INDIANAPOLIS--Some Indianapolis Public Schools will close by the end of the school year and others will be consolidated. It’s part of a plan to help the district and kids do better, said Superintendent Dr. Aleesia Johnson, in the state of the district speech Tuesday night.

Francis Bellamy PreK Center and Step Ahead Program, George Buck School 94, Floro Torrence School 83, and Raymond Brandes School 65 would no longer provide classroom instruction, said Johnson, while Francis Park School 56, CFI 2 – Benjamin Harrison facility, and Paul Miller School 114 would close and merge with other schools.

“I know this will cause disruption and as your superintendent I own that,” said Johnson.

For that disruption, impacted staff and teachers will get $10,000, if the proposal passes, while principals would get $12,000. Principals of schools that are closing would get $20,000.

“None of this is easy. But, it is what it takes to align resources and value,” said the superintendent.

Other parts of the proposal include a plan to give students and parents more choice about where their kids go to school. That includes dividing up the district into zones, “each of them roughly reflecting our district’s diversity by race and income”.

“Your zone might have 13 schools and more important you can sign up for an amazing variety of programs,” said Johnson. She said the kids and parents would have a choice of which school they would go to within the zone.

Johnson also said some facilities and schools are in need of repair and will get it, if the plan is approved.

“For too long, we have struggled with buildings that are physically dilapidated. Our buildings need to tell our students something important, intentional, and joyful is happening here,” she said.

Johnson also said part of the “Rebuilding Stronger” plan is to reconfigure the education model for K-8 schools.