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STATEWIDE—Rain is likely to return across Indiana this weekend. The Climate Prediction Center also predicts that this fall will bring above-average temperatures for fall.

That center also expects below-normal precipitation for the next three months, especially across central and southern Indiana.

“It certainly appears that way. We could see some of those warmer temperatures, especially in the early parts of fall. It looks like in late September, we’ll see some temperatures in the 80s and maybe even towards 90. That would be above average for this time of year,” said Jason Puma, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.

As for the immediate forecast, Puma says most of the state will likely get some rain this weekend.

“That’s especially the case on Sunday when we’ll have chances of rain hovering around 80%. Now, severe weather is unlikely with this storm system. With heavier rain likely to move in, that could lead to some isolated flooding,” said Puma.

That’s why he urges you to pay attention to water levels in your area.

“If you see high water, turn around and don’t drown. Always remember too that if thunder roars, go indoors,” said Puma.

After the weekend, Puma thinks primarily sunny skies return with temperatures in the 70s and 80s throughout next week.