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INDIANAPOLIS — A father and his three children died of accidental drowning back in July, says the Marion County coroner.

It was on the south side of Indianapolis back in July. Kyle Moorman and his three children, all 5-years-old or younger, went missing having gone on a fishing trip. They were all found dead in a car at the bottom of a pond near Bluff Road and Troy Avenue.

The coroner says it was accidental drowning, but also Moorman had also died from acute ethanal intoxication. Put simply, Moorman was drunk at the time he died.

The bodies of Moorman, 5-year-old Kyle Moorman II, 2-year-old Kyannah Holland, and 1-year-old Kyran Holland were recovered in the early morning of July 13 from the pond. It’s the same location where relatives for several days had searched for the missing family because, they say, his cellphone was last believed to be in that area.

Indianapolis Metro Police said in July that crews used sonar technology to find Moorman’s car in the pond. The car pulled from the water was a black Saab, which matched the description of the car connected to the missing family.