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FRANKLIN, Ind.--A truck in a cornfield is what led officers to arrest the driver Monday afternoon. The man, according to cops, had been under the influence of “shrooms”.

The arresting officer, Dillon Dallas, of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Dept., said police were called when a truck pulling a lawnmower on a trailer, was driving through a cornfield near Franklin. By the time Dallas got there, the man, Mark Douglas Wagner, 39, of Franklin, was already out of the truck and was being questioned by officers.

According to the charging documents the man also shot off a Glock while he was in the cornfield.

He told Dallas that he had had three beers. He said the last one was just minutes before, because he was scared. A Franklin Police officer who had helped stop Wagner, said no way. He had seen everything go down and Wagner didn’t have a chance to drink a beer after he was stopped.

Dallas said another deputy found mushrooms in Wagner’s truck console, the psychedelic kind.

Wagner was taken to the hospital, where Dallas got a warrant to get a couple of vials of blood for testing. Wagner was charged with driving under the influence of drugs, possession of a controlled substance and criminal mischief.