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HOBART, Ind. — An Indiana State Trooper at Lowell Post has been struck by a drunk driver. That would make it the 4th incident of this type in the past 6 months.

Police say it happened Sunday morning around 3:40. Trooper Ryan Parent was performing a traffic stop on Ridge Road in Hobart, Indiana. He was in his car, visible with the emergency lights on, when a black Pontiac Grand Prix struck his car.

Trooper Parent and the driver of the Pontiac, Angela Cabello, had to be taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

The crash pushed the officer’s car into the vehicle that he was stopping. The driver of that car was not injured.

While investigating the crash, officers found evidence that made them believe Cabello was under the influence. A blood test is currently pending while Cabello was taken to jail for three charges of driving while intoxicated and two for possessing marijuana.