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Indiana’s Democrat Candidate for US Senate Tom McDermott released a shock poll showing himself within three points of Todd Young. In the poll, McDermott trails Young 42-45 percent. But multiple people quickly responded with serious concerns about how the poll was done.

From Young, who rejects the online nature of the polling, to Libertarian James Sceniak, who was completely left off the poll, tons of questions have emerged with the McDermott campaign’s methodology. In the poll, 13 percent of the voters were listed as undecided. However, Sceniak was not even included as an option, despite the Libertarian Candidate for Governor in 2020, defeating the Democrat in roughly one-third of Indiana counties.

Statehouse Happenings co-host Rob Kendall asserts this is a complete insult to Sceniak, given that McDermott and Sceniak have appeared at numerous town halls across the state the past few months. The pair have praised each other for their appearances. Coupled with Libertarians scoring 345,000 votes in 2020, McDermott’s snub of Sceniak is proving once again why Democrats should not be taken serious in Indiana.

Kendall and co-host Abdul-Hakim Shabazz discuss if people should put weight behind the poll or view it as an attempt to encourage voter behavior.

Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images