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GARY, Ind.–A Lake County deputy has been arrested on charges that he used police equipment and software to harass an “ex-domestic partner”, in July.

Deputy Nicholas Katalinic, according to investigators with Indiana State Police, used police dispatch software called the “Spillman” system, to locate his ex. Investigators say he also lied to the Lake County 911 dispatchers to get information on the location of his ex.

The “Spillman” system is software designed to help dispatchers get officers to calls quickly and efficiently. It also has the capability of locating someone.

After finding out that ex-partner’s locations, Katalinic, according to the investigators, called that person, using the information he had gained about their location, to harass them, also talking about their child.

Sheriff Oscar Martinez upon learning about the alleged actions of his deputy, reached out to the Criminal Investigations Division of the state police Lowell Post. After finding out about Katalinic’s actions, they recommended the charges of stalking, a felony, and harassment by telephone, a misdemeanor.