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INDIANAPOLIS — An unwanted spotlight is being shown on Indianapolis as investigators try to piece together what happened in the wee hours Saturday morning between a group of local people and three Dutch soldiers in downtown Indianapolis.

So far investigators believe that soldiers had gotten into a scrap with some local people at a bar near their hotel. The soldiers de-escalated the situation by walking away and back to their hotel. Police believe the soldiers were then shot at in a drive-by from a white Ford F-150 pick-up truck outside the hotel entrance.

One of the soldiers, Simmie Poetsema, 26, was fatally wounded. Dispatch said the report was that he was shot in the head, but police have not confirmed that yet.

The FBI, Homeland Security, and Indianapolis Metro Police are working on finding the person(s) responsible.

“Conflict resolution has just become people pulling out guns and shooting each other,” Hogsett said of the violence in Indianapolis. “We are struggling mightily to make out streets and our neighborhoods as safe as we can make them.”

Mayor Joe Hogsett highlighted that more cops per capita are stationed in downtown Indy than in any other part of the city. Hogsett is having to stick up for Indianapolis’ international reputation as the city is drawing criticism from all over the world over the shooting.

“I don’t think we have lawless streets in Indianapolis,” he said. “I can understand why some might have the perception who are not familiar with Indianapolis.”

The Dutch soldiers were in Indiana for training at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Jennings County.