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LAFAYETTE, Ind.–Someone drove, crashed, and damaged eight school buses in Tippecanoe County over the weekend.

Police believe those same vandals also tore up a nearby playground in the Tippecanoe School Corporation. Deputies say they learned of the damage at around 9:30 Sunday morning. It happened at a secured parking area and a shared playground for Wea Ridge Middle and Elementary schools. That’s south of Lafayette’s southern border.

They believe someone must have plowed the buses through additional fencing, into the woods, and onto a cross-country path. It is unclear how the vandals accessed the fenced-in parking area.

Here is a full list of the damage listed by the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office:

-Six school buses had been driven within and outside of the secured parking area that’s south of the middle school.

-Two buses were stuck in the mud outside of the fenced area, south of the secure bus parking lot.

-Another parked school bus appeared to be struck within the parking lot and pushed back into a light pole.

-Two additional buses were located outside the secured fenced area and had been driven into a wooded area south of the parking lot and onto a cross-country path.

-At least one school bus was used to crash through additional fencing of the lot and driven onto the school grounds.

-At least one school bus was used to crash through and damage playground equipment between the middle and elementary schools.

-A school bus was driven off the parking lot south of the middle school, down an embankment, through the fence, and then back into the parking lot.

Anyone with information should call the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office at 765-423-9321.