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WASHINGTON–The affidavit used to obtain a search warrant for the Trump residence in Florida states that the FBI believed they would find evidence of obstruction of justice, in addition to classified documents. The redacted version of the affidavit was released to the public Friday.

The document was prepared by an FBI agent whose named was blacked out, or redacted, as was some of the document for protection of information that might impede the investigation, were it released.

The agent, according to the document, was trained in counterintelligence and espionage.

The affidavit states that agents believed they would find “contraband, fruits of crimes and other items” illegally possessed in violation of federal law.

The agent claimed in the probable cause section of the affidavit that a federal agent believed “fifteen boxes” taken from the White House to Mar a Lago, contained secret and classified documents, along with presidential papers and correspondence, newspaper and magazine clippings and miscellaneous printouts and notes.

The boxes had been marked as classified by a federal agency, claims the document.

One of Pres. Trump’s national security advisors has claimed that the documents are not classified because the president had “declassified” them, though whether the president has the power to do such is called into question in the affidavit.

Trump has said that he wished the entire affidavit to be released, without redactions, he says for transparency.

Some of the names of people involved in the investigation, including FBI agents, are blacked out.