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One year ago, on the eve of the 2021 season, the Colts extended Nyheim Hines contract making him the 11th highest paid running back in the NFL. Even though Hines has become a fan favorite in Indianapolis, the dollar amount was curious because the best running back in the NFL was ahead of him on the depth chart. 11th highest paid RB in the NFL for a backup? The numbers didn’t make sense.


With Carson Wentz at QB Hines took a major step back statistically with the 2nd fewest rushing yards and the fewest receptions and receiving yards of his career. Exit Carson Wentz, enter Matt Ryan.


Through Colts training camp, a constant theme is how often Hines is catching passes out of the backfield and the dynamic options the Colts have when both Hines and Taylor are on the field together. The stats from 2021 back that up too.



While appearing on The Fan Afternoon host JMV’s show on Wednesday, Hines was asked about being on the field at the same time as Jonathan Taylor as well as:


  • How often he’s lining up at WR
  • What Reggie Wayne has taught him about running routes
  • If the 2022 Colts are the most talented in his 5 years here
  • How often he wants to line up next to Jonathan Taylor
  • Why he can’t watch Hard Knocks from last season


If you missed any of the interview with Hines and JMV, the podcast link is below! Don’t miss on future player and coach interviews right here on The Fan too!