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Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, recently pleaded guilty to one count of driving under the influence following his drunken crash in California’s wine country back in May. Paul’s attorney, Amanda Bevins, entered a guilty plea on his behalf as he was a no-show in court on Tuesday and he was hit with a sentence of five days in jail and three years of probation.

This morning, as hardworking Americans across the nation were sipping on their daily hot cup of joe and putting their nose to the grindstone, “Hammered Paul Pelosi” got into grandpa’s cough syrup and drunkenly stumbled into the WIBC studio to shout obscenities on the air at Rob and Casey. Sliding off his chair and slurring his words, the multi-millionaire advised Casey to buy micro chips. He also talked about his party days down in Tijuana and even had some interesting things to say about his wife. Rob told Paul about Producer Kevin’s band and their upcoming show at the Melody Inn. With a gleam in his eye, Paul recalled the time he saw Foghat there with Nancy back in the 70s and how she got wild and popped her cans out.