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FT WAYNE, Ind.-In 2020 a Dodge Caravan was headed along a city street in Ft. Wayne, when a Hyundai Elentra sped toward the van going 90 mph. When the car reached the intersection, it was going too fast to stop and slammed into the van. A six-year-old girl named Fara Har Na, was thrown out of the car and landed in a field 25 yards away. One of the car doors landed on top of her. She later died. Her father has now been charged in the wreck.

A Lee, 37, is facing a charge of neglect of a dependent, resulting in serious bodily injury, a felony, and driving on a suspended licenser.

Court documents say the little girl was not in a car seat and did not have a seat belt on.

Court documents also say her father was laying on the front seat when cops got there, and denied the little girl was his daughter. He also said his brother had been driving and tan off after the crash.

When the little girl went to the hospital by ambulance, she was identified as Columbus Doe.

When police interviewed Lee’s wife, she ID’d the girl as Lee’s daughter. It wasn’t until months later when he finally admitted that to police.

He was formally charged Thursday by the Allen County prosecutor.